Our Story

100% Made in the USA, Minxx intends to bring a new way to wear bottoms, feeling as comfortable as active wear and looking as good as any premium denim fashion brand.

This unique fabric consists of a superior finishing treatment which supports its perfomance and longevity for women to wear day-after-day. In the final process of the fabric making, a wicking treatment occurs, creating in the fabric a heating/cooling control effect to the body’s temperature. The creative team for Minxx selected a fabric that has a highly successful process based upon its scientific methods and is specialized in a niche of stretch fabrics.

Meet visionary Margaret Roberts

Fashion has always been my art and a way for me to express who I am. I'm continually inspired by how an accent or flair could harness my emotions and passion into something tactile.

After High school graduation, I followed my passion to California where I studied at the Academy of Couture Art for five years, learning the French method of pattern making and design for custom handmade gowns.

Then I spent time traveling, time with my family, and time practicing the design craft which lead to the evolution of Minxx - a line of leggings that each thread and fiber are meant to spread love. Love to women, a healthy love and admiration for one's own body, love for this beautiful planet, love for the beauty that is inside each person.

Minxx is a term of endearment that I first started calling my puppy and felt best represented the vision of the line.